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Welcome to Carousel! This website is run by Jac. Currently I am only providing Halloween content, please enjoy your stay!


This Is Halloween, Everybody Make A Scene

Surprise! I decided to open a website to provide Halloween Content! Holiday content is honestly my favorite thing to make and I've had a lot of spare time while I'm stuck at my parents house and waiting for my baby to arrive! If you don't know, I am currently 8 months pregnant, my son is due on November 2nd (: A lot of people have asked if Carousel would be coming back as a full website but I will be very busy very soon with a newborn baby. I will try to get some regular content up in the near future, but updates will probably not be that often. I wanted to create something for you guys and I thought this would be a fun way to provide some content! I hope everyone enjoys all the content I've made, and thanks for visiting/supporting me!